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Welcome, dear human! I’m Erin.

I’m a homegrown Seattleite, people-loving introvert, avid hiker and nature-bather, nonfiction bookworm, creative dreamer, truth-teller, and old soul.

Nothing lights me up more than empowering us to make the most of this human experience together.

The art of human connection isn’t something we learned in school. We do our best to get by with what we internalized in our upbringing, but rarely does this give us what we’re truly seeking.


I’m passionate about illuminating everything we never learned about connection and being human.

  • How to love and accept ourselves

  • How to set healthy boundaries in a clear, kind way

  • How to move through conflict, heartbreak, and pain

  • How to be courageous and vulnerable

Now more than ever, these skills are vital to our thriving. They may not be simple or easy, but trust me, they can be learned—and we’re going to need them if we want to get along better and create a kinder, more beautiful world together.

What I want for us:

  • To stop wasting time stuck in reactive patterns, drama, unhealthy relationship dynamics, unproductive conflicts, and stressful self-talk.

  • To live with more intention, presence, and freedom.

  • To be more grounded and compassionate; more connected, authentic, and resilient.

  • To remember who we are, and open our hearts to each other.

  • To seek and create joy; to savor the everyday magic of being alive.

  • To feel worthy, and whole.


I have studied Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and leadership development intensively since 2013. I began my studies with CNVC Certified Trainer Karl Steyaert, started collaborating with The Cultural Catalyst Network in 2014, completed the Empathic Coaching Program and BayNVC Leadership Program in 2015, and received my CNVC Trainer Certification from the Center for Nonviolent Communication in 2017.

I have a degree in Sociology & Spanish from the University of Washington, a certificate in Permaculture Design, and I have been a student of Core Energetics since 2015. My work is also inspired by Brené Brown, mindfulness meditation, The Work of Byron Katie, Gabrielle Bernstein, Attachment Theory, The Pathwork, Biocognition, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Restorative Circles, among others.

Using this unique blend of modalities, I help my clients realize that there are important acts of well-being we all have the capacity for, when we are shown the way. Things like…

  • How to feel our feelings. All of them.

  • How to find our truth and speak it with love, again and again.

  • How to accept ourselves even when others don’t, and accept others even when it’s hard.

  • How to meet life with grace, grit, and an open heart.

  • How to mourn, forgive, heal—and try again.



I hold coaching sessions, workshops, and gatherings in my office space Hearth, located in Seattle’s Ravenna neighborhood at 6019 Roosevelt Way NE. Nestled in a calm courtyard just a few blocks east of I-5, the space offers a cozy, inspiring sanctuary for us to go deep and explore together.