“If you find yourself seriously stuck in some area of your life, I highly recommend Erin’s services. She is truly gifted and helped me unravel some very deep issues in a short period of time. It was life-changing. She operates from the heart, intuitively, and gets right at the crux of a thing.”
— Aowen (Private Coaching)

Erin facilitated a workshop for my sales team that was invaluable and had an immediate and transformative impact on our success. Her presentation was thoughtfully prepared, tailored to the exact needs of our group, and delivered with the enthusiasm and authority characteristic of the work I’ve seen from her in the past. Erin’s professionalism, expertise, and unique gifts as a coach and facilitator are first-class. Her services continue to earn my heartfelt and absolute highest recommendation. Thank you Erin!
— Davey (Business Consulting)

“Erin’s Compassionate Communication series is one of the most powerful things I’ve ever participated in. I usually have a challenge with social anxiety, but Erin’s genuine, warm presence created a space where intimacy with others felt easy and enjoyable. I felt like I could trust Erin completely. What I enjoyed most was Erin’s enthusiastic and effortless instruction, engagement and demonstration, along with the useful practices she provided.”
— Mike (Series & Workshops)

“Before coming to meet with Erin, I had tried everything: yoga, meditation, anti-depressants and years of therapy. From the very first session I began to feel physically different, and noticed drastic changes in my mentality and outlook. And this momentum has only built upon itself. I feel the shame I have had for my entire life being shed, like a layer of skin. The anxiety I was so used to living with has been diminishing, replaced with a calm, loving attitude. It is rather miraculous that just one hour can have such an impact on the whole rest of my week! Not only is Erin a graceful and empathetic woman, but she is also very skilled at leading our sessions. She digs right into the area that needs focus and attention with the appropriate amount of prodding. I trust her. She is very excited to teach and pass on these practices, to give people tools to take out into the real world. Her selfless excitement toward growth and healing is beautiful and inspiring.”
— Lindsey Rae (Private Coaching)

“Erin’s work is life changing. In just one hour, her guidance goes straight to the source for rewiring our beliefs and responses to life’s circumstances in a way that truly serves. Trying to get there on one’s own is like trying to walk to China with a blindfold on; Erin has GPS and a high speed jet to get you there in one hour! I can’t recommend her enough for today’s leaders and visionaries, for she provides the breakthroughs needed to step up with your most authentic voice and vision.”
— Jasmine (Private Coaching)

“Erin is a one-of-a-kind coach and facilitator for both personal purpose and work environments. She is steeped in knowledge about communication in any situation, conflict or otherwise. She has such an accessible and easy way about her that everyone involved feels heard and respected while simultaneously able to find solutions. She is also a phenomenal teacher. She is the person I would go to for learning both the basics and advanced skills around communication. I don’t think you could ask for more.”
— Liza (Business Consulting)

”My work with Erin has been a profound keystone in my path toward finding self-love and acceptance. Our sessions have changed me in ways I’ve been begging for! Erin illuminated outdated beliefs I’ve been carrying around that have been preventing the successes I’ve been wanting, and we worked together to create new beliefs. I’m now operating more consciously in my life according to my values. Her gentleness provides me a template for how I can treat myself while I’m in this transition to a new approach to life, and as I realize new potential for myself. I appreciate the safe environment Erin has created for me to practice being entirely imperfect entirely out loud!”
— Jenny Mae (Private Coaching)

“This class has come into play in challenging situations across the board in my life, and has broadened my ability to diffuse tension and increase connection with others. I’ve learned how to connect through empathy and deepen my relationships. After group, I always felt better prepared to go deep with friends, and more able to handle hard conversations.”
— Mikyla (Series & Workshops)

“I was impressed by Erin’s thorough understanding of Nonviolent Communication, and her ability to explain the basic principles quickly yet clearly. I appreciated her sensitivity to the needs of our particular group and flexibility to modify her agenda to meet our needs. Erin’s thoughtful and deliberate manner, as well as her warmth and sincerity added to the pleasure of the experience. I would heartily recommend her as a teacher and facilitator for families, work-groups, or anyone who wishes to deepen their understanding of productive and compassionate communication.”
— Marilyn (Business Consulting)

“Erin’s Compassionate Communication series is a life altering experience. It has taught me to listen to where someone is really coming from, and to respond with empathy. Erin is a patient and gentle communicator. She provides a very safe, nurturing learning environment.”
— Charlene (Series & Workshops)

“Erin’s clear, open-hearted presence and skillful guidance in communication has been a direct catalyst for my self-care and care in relationships. The learning I have done with her has been an important contribution in my dealing with health challenges, as well as my spiritual growth. With the tools and support she offers, I am able to show up with more integrity than ever before.”
— Laurie (Series & Workshops)

“Erin is a kind, knowledgeable facilitator who makes a very safe and sweet environment for deep learning. She helps the group feel very comfortable about opening up. She has a great way of listening and reflecting back to make sure she has heard each person fully, and she helps them to gently probe and learn more if they are open to that. Her worksheets are the best I’ve ever seen of any NVC materials! They are clear and concise, and helped me learn the material in a meaningful and personal way. I really cannot say enough good things about Erin! She teaches, yet she helps us to see things in our own way. It’s as if she shows us how to see what she is seeing with our own eyes and perspective. I’ve learned so much in this series: how to calm myself in difficult situations, deal with my triggers, say and hear ‘no,’ let go of resentment, and much more. Amazing class!”
— Jennifer (Series & Workshops)