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Compassionate Boundary-Setting at the Discover Your Inner Essence Retreat

  • Kingston, Whidbey Island, WA (map)

Join me for a 90-minute Compassionate Boundary-Setting Session at this year’s Techies + Wellness Discover Your Inner Essence Retreat on Whidbey Island! Details about the retreat are below.

Fully reconnect with yourself and explore how you can become the most authentic, peaceful, loving and successful version of yourself while being surrounded by beautiful nature and with a safe, supportive group of ladies. Currently open to all women, techie and non-techie alike.

Techies + Wellness Retreat is more than a break from life's duties, routines and busyness. Our retreats are a sacred container that can energetically facilitate clarity, creativity and love. They offer a way to move past our conditioned selves and into the essence of who we are. It’s an opportunity to take pause, listen to your thoughts and feel your feels. Tap into your truth and set your soul free. This is the space for reflection, self transformation, empowerment and healing.