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Sacred Boundary-Setting: The Art Of Saying No

  • Erin Merrihew Consulting 6019 Roosevelt Way Northeast Seattle, WA, 98115 United States (map)

Boundaries are essential to our emotional wellbeing. They are the foundation of healthy relationships with others. They build trust, strengthen compassion, and keep resentment at bay. In the words of Brene Brown: "The most compassionate people are often the most boundaried."

Yet as important as boundaries are, setting them is neither simple nor easy! Many of us struggle to be clear within ourselves about the boundaries we want, let alone communicate them gracefully.

Sometimes we realize our boundary too late, when it's already been crossed and we've lost our temper. Other times, we know we need a boundary but put off setting it to avoid hurting someone's feelings or disappointing them. Regardless of the cause, unskillful boundary-setting can lead to disconnection, conflict, and in the most severe cases the rupturing of relationships we cherish.

How do we set boundaries in an empowered yet caring way? How do we stand our ground around what we want (or don’t want) and still remain open-hearted?

Join us for a day-long deep dive into sacred boundary-setting! Learn how to clarify what your boundary is, how to ask for it effectively and with an open heart, and how to approach and negotiate boundary agreements that will really stick.

In this session you will gain:

  • New language and concepts to help you negotiate healthy, sustainable boundaries

  • Ways to identify the wants & needs that underlie your boundaries in any given situation so you can express them more clearly

  • The ability to find your "no" and let it guide you toward an empowering "yes" that others want to get behind

  • Strategies for eliminating blame, resentment and other disconnecting obstacles from your boundary-setting conversations

Investment: $167
Participants receive a free 30-minute 1:1 coaching call with Erin in the weeks following the event.

Registration details forthcoming.