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Intentional Mother Daughter Relationships: An Experience Of Authentic Connection

  • Seattle University 901 12th Avenue Seattle WA 98122 (map)

Mother-daughter relationships are complex. The dynamics we develop early on can linger throughout our lives.

As mothers and as daughters, it can be tough to break free from outdated patterns and be seen for who we truly are. Yet when we open ourselves to earnestly explore and transform, beautiful shifts can occur.

Are you ready for exploration, inspiration, healing, and growth?

Join us for a 3-day workshop experience designed to increase your self-awareness and strengthen your mother-daughter relationship!

In this workshop, we will support you to:

  • Set yourself free to engage from a place of authenticity

  • Anchor your mother/daughter feelings in self-awareness

  • Explore healthy boundaries between power and love

Together, we will weave a foundation for personal and relational transformation:

  1. Meet the Enneagram — a tool for self-understanding

  2. Explore means of Compassionate Communication

  3. Draw from indigenous wisdom, healing, medicine, and ceremony

  4. Explore new ways of relating to the "second half of life" (read more below)

Who is it for?

Whether you are a mother or not, and no matter the nature of your connection to your mother or daughter (alive or passed, close or estranged), we welcome you! Come by yourself, with a friend, or with your mother/daughter.

Intentional Mother-Daughter Relationships is specifically designed for women nearing or in the "second half of life." According to cross-cultural wisdom gathered by Angeles Arrien, there are two primary periods of life. During the first half of life, we explore our gifts and talents. At age 35, we cross a threshold into the “second half of life.” This is when we have the opportunity to transform and reclaim our authentic self as we prepare for and step into our wisdom years.

Join us for this powerful 3-day workshop experience!


Friday 7PM-9:30PM

Sat 9AM-6PM

Sun 9AM-4PM

PROGRAM FEE: $450 per person // $800 for a pair

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About Erin

Erin Merrihew helps people learn everything we were never taught in school about how to be human together: how to build strong relationships, move through challenge gracefully, and live with courage, authenticity, and kindness. She is a Communication & Empowerment Coach and Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication, and has a degree in Sociology. In her coaching work with individuals, couples, leaders and organizations, Erin blends together powerful expertise in emotional intelligence with human intuition and just the right dose of realness to catalyze fierce, openhearted living in her clients. Born and raised in Seattle, Erin is passionate about hiking and backpacking, world travel, speaking Spanish, singing and playing the ukulele, vegetarian cooking, yoga and and devouring inspirational self-help books.  Learn more at

About Emily

Emily Paul is a transformational healer who emphasizes direct experience.  As an acupuncturist, herbalist, coach, and mentor she inspires clients to reclaim their personal power and connect with their innate intuitive wisdom.  Originally from the Midwest, Emily spent almost a decade overseas involved in human rights and humanitarian work before moving to Seattle to complete her masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Bastyr University.  She is delighted to now call Seattle and the Pacific Northwest home.  Emily can often be found walking Greenlake, a haven in the heart of Seattle.  She loves spending time in nature, dancing, reading, baking gluten-free, and exploring spiritually enriching consciousness raising experiences. She is a dedicated student of the Four Fold Way.  Learn more at

About Kathy

Kathy Clayton's warm smile and quick, thoughtful approach in her reality-based coaching support her clients in developing and sustaining relationships that work. The measure of success? It's defined by the individual client, 100%. Kathy's passion for developing awareness and conscious thinking helps motivate clients toward their sustainable action and long-term results. Her particular style includes a gutsy willingness to ‘name the elephant in the room,’ and a tenacity to hang in when the conversation gets uncomfortable. Hundreds of clients and more than 22 years later, Kathy is curious, thoughtful and compassionate in coaching each client toward their own successes and long-term, meaningful results. Explore more about Kathy Clayton Coaching: